Glochids – Originals

Upon receiving these extraordinary vignettes, we queried as to their method of realization, but coy evasions and sly allusions were all we garnered, though we know there to be a wealth of field recordings from South America (bus station cumbia, Chilean apartment keyboards, La Paz Museo de Instrumentos Musicales in Bolivia, kids playing by Incan ruins), as well as passages from snowy Wisconsin, a Sonoran desert campfire, under a freeway overpass, and we suspect there to be a recorder kept handy during lengthy cross country bike rides!

Ideas and concepts carried on from the experimental composers of the 20th century inform much of this music, though less from the academic side, rather, more in keeping with the fantastic works carried out by lone operators in the underground that are still being discovered. Perhaps this is one such work, albeit one whose discovery has happened in its time rather than dug out of an attic some years after its completion!

The music itself intrigues in it’s suggestiveness, never so literal as to deplete the listener their own interpretations and narrations, yet having form and balance enough to avoid the amorphous tropes that such musics can tend towards.

Indeed, the balance of delicacy, robustness, as well as the playful spirit in which these songs were created, is what attracted us to Originals in the first place, and what, even after innumerable listens, proves to retain the mystery and delight we experienced when encountering it for the first time. We hope you enjoy as much as we do!

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