Raub Roy’s ‘Horaflora’ takes liberally of the rich and diverse traditions of new music in order to craft something unique from discrete stylistic tendency. Homemade/found/consumer electroacoustic components are utilized in the production of sound; balloons, toothbrushes, plastic bags, street sweeper bristles, Tesla wands, iPhones, midi controllers, and primitive surround sound systems are all deployed in service to an all-encompassing bricolage. Raub is a member of the LCM/Oakland collective concert series/venue, and founded Weird Ear Records (with partner Dianne Lynn), a record label reveling in disparate forms of experimental music. Their slogan, “The Weird Ear, The Better,” serves as a guideline to the curatorial themes across all of these projects. Raub is from Western Mass. but has lived in the Bay Area since 2007.

Select Discography:

“Gland Canyon”
Released in multiple formats (2007-2012), including a cassette that served as “WER-000″, essentially, testing the viability of our intentions with the label:

“Dual Mono For Mixed Media”
Live recordings from 8 horaflora shows, each recorded in mono, and paired/panned with each other (mostly based on durations) to form 4 pieces that reward multiple modes of listening delightfully! Released in a couple of cassette editions, the most recent being a limited edition series of tapes-in-hollowed-out-books.

“Horaflora/BrompTreb 7″ Split”
A 7″ showing off what sorts of bounce and jiggle one may achieve through an application of the experimental arts to a rhythmic paradigm.


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